Nothing is more frustrating than seeing the potential of your own salon fall short of the vision in your mind. Even big brands experience slumps in business; I’ve personally been involved in rebranding campaigns that create outstanding outcomes.

If you are the proud owner of a salon business and aren’t satisfied with the results you’re getting, let me analyze your business and I’ll tell you exactly what you need to turn your company around!


The Business Audit service includes:

  • Mystery shopping for 1 location
  • Deliverable: Detailed Mystery Shopping Report
  • (Note: The services availed during the mystery shopping will be free of charge.)
  • Business Analysis:
    • A complete business analysis will be conducted:
    • Analysis of business financials
    • Analysis of reporting systems/formats
    • Analyze daily and individual staff sales reports (Excel file will be provided for the Client to complete)
    • Assessment of Inventory systems/policies/procedures
    • Assessment on how customer-centric the business is
    • Assessment of digital presence
    • The audit is not restricted to the above, it will cover full business set-up/operations etc
  • Highlight critical areas
  • Determine highest areas of opportunity
  • Develop clear strategies
  • Develop a detailed action plan

I have worked at every level of the salon business and have developed the ability to “see through” any salon and find the sticking points in record time. As soon as those bottlenecks are resolved, your business will begin to flow with new sales and productivity!​

Following the above analysis, I will build a plan to achieve the results you are dreaming of and execute that plan with perfection.