Investing in soft skills training is essential for unleashing growth, productivity and efficiency within a salon business. Well-trained teams are less likely to leave, drive operational efficiencies and productivity, and ultimately contribute to long-term success of your salon. So you need to ask yourself, can you really afford to not invest in training?


Elevate your salon’s nail services standards to unprecedented heights with our extensive range of nail services, designed for all levels of expertise. Effective Nail Training Courses empowers technicians with advanced techniques, product knowledge, and safety practices. It elevates their skills leading to customer satisfaction and income potential, ensuring a competitive edge and a flourishing nail business.


Rediscover the essence of revitalization and step into the future of skincare with the introduction of face fitness. These innovative treatments are ready to revolutionise your salon’s beauty game, promising unparalleled rejuvenation and radiance. It’s time to embrace a fresh era of skincare with these pioneering facial protocols that are set to redefine your salons skin care experience.


VR Beauty Consulting offers competitive pricing and packages, thereby enabling salons of all sizes or phases of development, to access world class training for their team. From individual training to team packages, we have a solution for anyone who wishes to enjoy the significant return on investment that is synonymous with skills development.