Starting a business is an exceptionally exciting time and I love being involved in the creative and operational work that goes into making someone’s business dreams come true! In my 20 years of experience gained across the spectrum, from the salon floor as therapist to the top levels of salon management, have given me vast exposure to salon business models, from branding, marketing, budgeting, operations and expansion methods, strategies and practical know-how.

Having added the experience of launching my own beauty industry start up to this list as well, I know that it can be difficult, expensive and scary to go out on your own. If you don’t know where to start, or feel you lack the experience, I would love to help you!

My start-up services are divided into two areas – those that are offered before opening and those after the salon has opened. When you work with VR Beauty Consulting, you gain invaluable start-up support that carries you through the launch… and beyond!


Feasibility Study
Before investing your hard-earned money into your new salon, it is extremely wise to have an expert take you through the feasibility process which entails a total rundown of the viability of your salon.
The Feasibility Study service includes:

  • A 3-year financial plan including projected profit & loss
  • Balance sheet and cash flow statement
  • Expected initial investment
  • Competitor analysis (market research)
  • SWOT analysis, and much more.

Existing Business Valuation (in case of acquisition)
Your vision for a start-up could start with an existing salon, and if this is the case, the financial performance and potential of the salon is a key consideration prior to purchase.
The Financial Due Diligence service includes:

  • Analysis of past annual and quarterly financial information
  • Review sales and gross profits per service and product
  • Get a breakdown of the business inventory
  • Get a breakdown of equipment
  • Review past projections and actual results
  • Analyze owner’s future projections for the salon
  • Review a history of pricing policies and past increases
  • Ask for all business tax details
  • Review a summary of all current investors/shareholders

Brand Positioning

Businesses do not operate in a void; they compete for clients in a challenging market place that has many sophisticated competitors. This fact makes a clearly defined brand positioning a vital element for the viability and success of your beauty salon business.

The Brand Positioning service includes:

  • Creating Brand Positioning; Brand Purpose; Mission and Vision statements; Brand Values and Client profile
  • Concept Creation; Space & Functionality review; Store Design in collaboration with a Concept Design Agency
  • Developing your services offering
  • Selection of brands and products to stock in your salon
  • Selection of equipment and operational supplies for your salon
  • Creation of menus and treatments

Business Location Analysis

Selecting the right location for your beauty salon start-up is as important as deciding to start the business in the first place. Your location can hold the key to sustained success, position your brand in the minds of clients and provide you with the launch pad for future expansion. This is a critical decision and one that must be made only once all the information has been assessed.

The Business Location Analysis service includes:

  • Gathering and analyzing data of several locations
  • Presenting a minimum recommendation of 3 locations

Develop customized Standard Operations Manual

The day-to-day operations of a beauty salon require skills such as communications, training and development, staff management and quality control to name only a few. Drawing on my years of experience running salons I will create a customized Standard Operations Manual customized for your particular salon and set the standard you wish to achieve every day.

The Customized Standard Operations Manual includes:

  • Health and Safety
  • The Path to Excellence: How to deliver ultimate customer experience (‘’The Client Journey’’) which includes:
    • Brand Positioning
    • Brand Awareness
    • Appointment Booking
    • Welcoming
    • Service protocols
    • Treatment Protocols Manual for nail services
    • Departure
    • Follow up
  • The Team structure
  • Job Descriptions
  • HR Policies & Procedures
  • Operations Policies & Procedures
  • Consultation Forms
  • Waivers

Team Training

After putting together your “dream team” and creating the customized Standard Operations Manual, it is time to electrify the energy in your salon and get down to business, teaching the team everything they need to know to deliver your vision and thrill your customers during your grand opening and beyond!
This is an ongoing process.


Your salon staff play a crucial role in the salon, influencing your client retention, your client satisfaction, your cost management and even cash flow. Finding the right staff, setting clearly defined expectations and providing people with constructive development feedback are all important ways to get the most out of your team.

The HR service includes:

  • Recruitment of salon staff
  • Developing Salary Brackets
  • Developing and implementing Commission Schemes
  • Job descriptions
  • Key performance indicators
  • Quarterly Individual Performance Reviews


If your salon finances are not managed effectively, you can excel in all other areas of your business, but still ultimately fail. Proactive management of finances creates opportunity and resilience for a beauty salon business, and as such cannot be overlooked.

Financial services include:

  • Creating an annual budget
  • Individual Staff Daily Sales Reports
  • Salon Daily/Weekly/Monthly Sales Reports

Monthly financial reviews

If done correctly, regular financial reviews can prevent a lot of wasted resources. Find out exactly where you are spending too much, which marketing strategies are working (and which ones aren’t), and leverage my experience to plan your next approach.

Operational, Marketing, and HR support

I want to help you overcome any obstacles that may exist between you and success. Whether the bottleneck is in marketing, HR, or operations, I can help you identify them and accelerate beyond your obstacles and back to success!

Mystery Shopping

Quality control is sometimes not possible without detailed insider information. Mystery shoppers can give you an insight into the experience your customers are receiving when they visit your salon, so you can reward your team and keep service value high.

Business Coaching

Whether you are seeking an experienced coach, or wish to develop management team’s capabilities, my Business Coaching service will meet you where you are at, both in terms of capability and understanding, and together we will work towards achieving of the ultimate goal: a successful and profitable salon!