Empowering Communities: The Impact of Social Responsibility in Business

If you find it in your heart to care for somebody else, you will have succeeded – Maya Angelou

As we celebrate female empowerment and the holy month of Ramadan, we would like to focus on the importance of businesses being involved in their local communities and giving back to those less fortunate. 

At VR Beauty Consulting, social involvement has always been at the core of who we are and what we do. Our founder Valerie Reynaert has found great personal fulfilment in her own journey of helping those less fortunate.

Where it all started 

At a time when she was burnt out and feeling overwhelmed, she took a step away from her career and decided to volunteer in Peru. This is where she again found her strength and her focus. From being a teacher’s assistant in a pre-school, volunteering for an organisation that aims to keep children off the streets, and working with the elderly at a Nunnery, to doing research for Operation Wallacea in Mexico by diving as a research assistant and identifying areas that need marine conservation, Valerie found peace and a renewed sense of purpose.

Going forward in her business, Valerie knew that social responsibility was an element she would always prioritise. To date VRBC has given back through involvement in a school in Nepal, training nail technicians who are then given a placement in the UAE. Valerie has also been supporting Ujeli Care Center, an NGO in Nepal, providing healthcare to underprivileged children, and was instrumental in building a toilet in a mountainous region of Nepal for women who did not have access to bathroom facilities during their menstrual cycle. 

The shift towards purpose-driven business 

In an article published by the HLB Global Advisory and Accounting Network, CEO Marco Donzelli highlights that in recent years, the paradigm has definitely shifted from solely focusing on financial gains to emphasising the value of social and environmental responsibility. 

“The public, customers, and even employees now demand more from companies. They seek organisations that not only deliver high-quality products and services but also contribute to the greater good of society. This evolving sentiment has led to the rise of purpose-driven business models, highlighting the importance of community engagement and giving back.,” he says,

Local business seeking to benefit society

On the local front VRBC has seen many inspiring social responsibility campaigns in the last few months.

Essential Salon Dubai (@essentialsalondubai), in support of Breast Cancer Awareness, offered free hair treatments for those clients who were cutting their long locks off, to be donated to make wigs for cancer patients.

Haysam and Hicham Eid, brothers and owners of professional hair tools brand Eideal started an initiative that saw them giving up their first Sunday of every month to give haircuts and share kindness and compassion with labourers from the labour camps in and around Dubai.

Most recently, Collective Haircare (@collective_haircare) and Deena Alawaid (@deenaalawaid) ran a campaign in support of Gaza. The company donated seven days’ worth of their income from services and sales to support the UAE Relief Campaign for people affected by the war in Gaza. They then organized Beauty for PEACE, in collaboration with The Big Beauty Scoop (@thebigbeautyscoop) and Yasmin Subhan (@yasminsubhan_hair), and raised another AED 55,685 in support of Gaza. 

How can your business benefit?

Besides the obvious personal sense of reward, there are many benefits for running a Corporate social responsibility campaign in your business.

These include:

Boosting morale – Helping others makes everyone feel good. When you and your team see the positive impact you’ve made on someone’s life, it lifts everyone’s spirits. Getting involved in local projects lets you see firsthand how your actions make a difference, making you feel even better. Plus, employees respect bosses who give back.

Creating goodwill – Businesses that support community causes often get more support from customers. When you help in your area and donate, it can lead to more people choosing your business and staying loyal to it.


Building team bonds – When your whole team works together for a good cause, it brings everyone closer. Doing something selfless helps colleagues connect in a way that normal work tasks don’t.


Improving your community – Helping local groups makes your community a better place to live and work. This benefits you, your team, and your customers by creating a nicer environment.


Networking – Being active in your community introduces you to important people like local leaders and other business owners. This expands your connections and can help your business grow.


Attracting and keeping good employees – Younger generations, especially millennials, like working for companies that do good things. When your business supports charities, it attracts new employees and keeps current ones happy. Showing you care about helping others says a lot about your company’s values.

“It’s important for everyone to realise that there are so many people in the world who aren’t as fortunate as us. And once you realise that, find a way to support them. Even the smallest contribution can make a world of difference to some people. This is how we can all work towards making the world a better place,” Valerie concludes.