WILL Summit Abu Dhabi

Promoting Advocacy and Women Empowerment

Last Monday I’d attended the WILL Summit. What an inspirational day it was! The stage was filled with strong women, each with their own fascinating stories. The amount of inspiration that was spread around the room is hard to describe. Very empowering! My biggest thank you goes out to @mariaconceicao of the #mariacristinafoundation. Her story has touched me in many ways and gave me the push I needed. I have been nurturing a dream for a while now, but pushed it away for another year. When I was listening to Maria’s story, it suddenly hit me and I said to myself ‘What are you waiting for Valerie?’. So today I’ve got the ball rolling to work towards realizing my dream and hopefully be able to fulfill hopes and dreams of many girls and women. Watch this space for a big announcement to be made before the end of this year. Thank you #WILLsummit for creating such important, inspiring, empowering day. And thank you @mariaconceicao for the wake up call and take action.

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