Mastering Winning Selling Skills

Do you know that a healthy salon business gains around 30% of their total revenue through retail sales? Are your retail sales anywhere near this percentage?

Many salon employees believe that selling retail is pushing products onto their clients. Nothing could be further from the truth. If you think about it, everyone has hair and beauty products at home, so why shouldn’t they buy it from you, the professional whom they trust?

Your team has probably received multiple courses about product knowledge, but what about selling skills? Did you provide them with the tools to understand how it all works? If not, then this course is a must-have for all your team members!

Delivering the Ultimate Customer Experience

Does your team realize that the future belongs to those who understand the concept of outstanding customer service?

Client satisfaction requires our daily focus. Client loyalty can always be lost and has to be earned over and over again.

After this course, your team will never forget that outstanding customer service is, and will always be, the best way to win sales and build client loyalty.

Handling Client Complaints

The number of complaints is on the rise, worldwide, as clients are no longer prepared to put up with poor service. Undoubtedly, as a salon business, your main focus is on delivering an excellent client experience. But are you welcoming complaints and encouraging your employees to see them as opportunities for improvement? Are you learning from these complaints?

An ineffective use of complaints can result in continued client dissatisfaction with recurring issues. Poor complaint handling is estimated to result in lower revenues of 5%–15% with a corresponding reduction in profits. When a business does not welcome complaints, this can result in a huge hidden cost as the business won’t have any feedback from clients about why they are not returning.

Morale can be affected if staff are not given appropriate training in how to deal with complaints and when they see recurring complaints not being addressed.

If you don’t seek to learn from complaints and use them to your full advantage, you won’t be able to address the root cause of problems. Therefore, you will lack the ability to improve your products, services, processes, and policies.

If you don’t undertake a root-cause analysis of why people are complaining, you won’t see a reduction in the number of complaints and you will continue to lose revenue.

Handling client complaints is not something that comes naturally. This course provides the necessary tools for your employees to handle all complaints effectively and with confidence.