Trust First

Author: Bruce Deel
Released On: 23/07/2019
No Of Pages: 239

Deel is the founder of City of Refuge and someone I call an exceptional human being, opening doors to disenfranchised people and offering them the radical trust they had never experienced in their lives but so desperately needed. His uniqueness lies in his emphasis on trusting people from the moment they meet. Not trusting in the person who they will be, but the person they are.

The stories he shares teach so many valuable lessons. He makes you rethink how we should focus on our similarities instead of our differences. He reminds us to trust in others and to trust in ourselves, to trust that we can do things differently tomorrow than we did them today.

Leaders who distrust their people inevitably see them fall to their level of expectations. Trusting someone doesn’t mean you trust they won’t screw up; you simply trust them to do their best. Every one of us is in a lifelong journey of becoming. Trust and time, time and trust. 

Love everybody, accept everybody, and do not judge.