The Ride of a Lifetime

Author: Robert Iger , Joel Lovell
Released On: 23/09/2019
No Of Pages: 272 pages
Genre: Business, Biography, Nonfiction, Leadership, Memoir, Audiobook, Management, Autobiography

The Ride of a Lifetime was by far the most enjoyable book on leadership I have read so far. What an inspiration Robert Iger is! His career path is one of hard work, consistency and doing what is right in times when you would prefer to have it differently. The way he got to the top is so inspirational: the way he never wanted to be in the business of playing it safe, but how he wanted to be in the business of creating possibilities of greatness. Because if you want innovation, you need to give permission to fail. His optimism as a leader, especially in challenging times. His belief that if you approach and engage people with respect and empathy, the seemingly impossible can become real. His book teaches many valuable lessons, and many leaders can learn from the ten principles he sees necessary for true leadership. They would make many workplaces much more enjoyable and many businesses more successful. Such an invaluable read!