The New One Minute Manager

Author: Kenneth H. Blanchard , Spencer Johnson
Released On: 07/05/2015
No Of Pages: 112 pages
Genre: Business, Leadership, Nonfiction, Management, Self Help, Audiobook, Productivity, Personal Development

Your management style determines the success of your business. What kind of manager are you? Are you the tough boss with excellent business results but an unhappy team? Or are you the nice guy with a happy team but poor business performance? If you can position yourself in either of the categories above, then this book is a must-read for you. The authors describe perfectly how today’s effective leadership has become more of a side-by-side relationship. Lead with collaboration and let everyone contribute their talent. It’s the people in successful businesses that create the business’ success! Set clear goals; make clear what is most important to focus on. Praise people when they hit a target; building their confidence helps them succeed. Help people reach their full potential. Highlight their achievements! Re-direct; address their mistakes. People who are learning benefit from praise and encouragement from others. Care about people and care about results, because people and results are closely related.