The Big Leap

Author: Gay Hendricks
Released On: 01/01/2009
No Of Pages: 224 pages
Genre: Self Help, Nonfiction, Business, Personal Development, Psychology, Audiobook, Leadership, Productivity

A big part of my job is helping people find the “missing parts,” or gaps, to take their business to the next level. And, until now, in the majority of cases, it has been about placing the focus on the business owners or managers themselves, by finding their unique abilities. Performing the business audit involves many conversations, and it’s so exciting when I discover the client’s true potential or the leap they should take to grow their business to the next level! I then guide them to expand the areas in which they are exceptional. Their main focus should be on developing that part of themselves, to build it strongly and roll it out, because that’s what will help them and their business thrive as well as make them happy. That in return will bring abundance to all parts of their lives.

Allocating this individual potential, not only to take my clients’ businesses to the next level, but also to expand their own success and abundance, is so thrilling, each and every time.

Are you looking to discover what Hendrick calls your “Zone of Genius”? Read this book! It’s an inspiring read that will make you answer questions you probably never thought to ask yourself and explore parts of you that you never knew existed. It might be somewhat challenging to work your way through the book to find your “Zone of Genius,” but push yourself: the outcome will open up a whole new world for you. And, honestly, what could be better than a life filled with abundance, success, and love every single day?