Talking to Strangers

Author: Malcolm Gladwell
Released On: 10/09/2019
No Of Pages: 388 pages
Genre: Nonfiction Psychology Audiobook Self Help Sociology Science Business Personal Development

This book had an enormous emotional impact on me and will resonate for a long time.

Somehow, we do know that we will never know anyone 100%, as everyone has their own secrets and their very own personality. Nevertheless, this book opened up a whole new reality for me.

It makes me look at the world differently, at people who I know so well and those who just pop up in my life. And I keep thinking ‘’Who are you? But who are you really?’’

The book also shows how extremely crucial communication is. It’s so easy to misread a situation or the true meaning behind someone’s words.

Talking to Strangers was a fascinating read, revealing the dark side of the world we live in and causing me to question so many things. ‘’Do I really know the people I’m surrounded with?’’
One of my favorite reads so far!