Rich Dad, Poor Dad

Author: Robert T. Kiyosaki , Sharon L. Lechter
Released On: 01/01/1997
No Of Pages: 195 pages
Genre: Business, Nonfiction, Finance, Self Help, Personal Finance, Money, Personal Development, Economics

I have no idea why I kept this book on my bookshelf for so long before reading it! I love the way it’s written. His personal story really entangles you throughout the entire book. He’s been lucky to have had his rich dad around him, someone teaching him how to look at money from when he was young. And he’s been smart as a little boy to embrace this chance. I truly hope his story will inspire many people out there, to share their knowledge with younger ones. I can’t stop thinking where I would have been in my life right now if I had been raised like that.

His challenging way throughout the book to change how we think about money has really made me think differently. It is for sure a work in progress as I have been stuck with the mentality to work hard for money my entire life and to save as much as I can. I will continue to work hard (because I really love what I do) but I will invest more wisely and focus on finding ways to have money work for me. His ten steps to awaken your financial genius are etched in my memory and the advice to always pay yourself first has now become my golden rule.

This book really made me look at my financial capabilities and opportunities in a whole different way. I am so inspired and energized to gain control over my financial future! And it starts now!