Live the Best Story of Your Life

Author: Bob Litwin
Released On: 31/05/2016
No Of Pages: 272 pages
Genre: Self Help, Personal Development

Live the Best Story of Your Life guides you on how to write the story of who you want to become in order to get what you want in life. This “New Story” has nothing to do with what you want; it’s really all about what you want to feel and be. We are all stuck in a routine or in beliefs we have been brought up with, which Litwin refers to as our “Old Story.” We have stories about everything. We might hold on to them because we’ve practiced them for years, we’ve become experts at them, and we believe we can’t change them. Be aware of what you want to change. Write it down and add the reasons why you believe things aren’t working at that level of your life. It’s often only in putting skepticism away and having blind faith that we experience shifts in our lives. Have faith in your own ability, your own dream, in the people around you. Visualize yourself behaving in the way you want to act and allow the incredible power of your imagination to do the work. Write gratitudes, it is invaluable to have a bag of appreciation for all that you have. When you write those gratitudes, you will begin to see things to be grateful for everywhere. Take one step at a time and focus. Focus on something, and you create happiness. During this whole process, don’t forget to be kind and supportive to yourself. Now it’s time, time to not only live your New Story, but to continue to live it day after day!