Delivering Happiness

Author: Tony Hsieh
Released On: 01/01/2010
No Of Pages: 246 pages
Genre: Business, Nonfiction, Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Biography, Management, Self Help, Business

WOW! This is a real page turner. Don’t take success for granted. The tables can turn at any time. But let passion drive you and make sure you surround yourself with the right people: people with the same passion and people you can trust. Believe, “because anything is possible.” The most important lesson this book teaches is that company culture should be a priority. Get the company culture right and the rest will follow naturally. Happy employees make even happier customers. Let me do you a favor. Ask yourself this question: Do you work for a company that can publish a book about its culture with 100% honest feedback from their employees? If the answer is “no,” are you with that company because you lack substantial values yourself? I believe this is really something to think about.