Are you looking to experience extraordinary success in the beauty salon business? You’ve come to the right place! I help aspiring and current beauty salon owners create breakthrough success in the industry by leveraging the best practices from the salon floor all the way up to director level. I also want to inspire and empower women to start their own businesses, help them build strong company cultures in which people will be happy and respected, and have the opportunity to continuously develop themselves and their teams.


I was once a beauty therapist, so I understand exactly what it’s like to work on the floor, and how to create excellent results and repeat business. I have gained experience generating positive outcomes at every level over the past 20 years, from writing training programs and manuals, to setting up new salons and expanding existing ones, as well as managing operations and recruitment.

I have been the driving force behind the growth of entire brands, creating budgets, being solely responsible for P&L, rebranding for success, and setting up franchising opportunities.


All my experience has led to me winning the NBS Star Award for the organic growth of my brand by 116%, overachieving on budget, and other leadership qualities. I was also the winner of the first ever Business Leadership Program for the beauty industry in the Middle East.

Now, I want to translate this into YOUR success

The main skill I’ve learned is how to transform any enterprise into an outstandingly successful one. I’ve done it many times and now I’m going to help you do it too.


To achieve that, I am making my services available for directors and salon owners who dream of breaking into the top echelons of our industry.


I’ll strategically guide your team on how to leverage top-flight beauty salon practices and teach you the leadership skills that can take you all the way to the top.