Revolutionising the road to knowledge

Delivering the VRBC difference to revolutionize training in the GCC Beauty Market

At VRBC we are very excited to be sharing our training programmes with salons across the region. Tailored specifically for the GCC beauty industry, our offering is a highly effective and entertaining workplace education and performance solution, unlike any other seen before. It consists of easy to understand presentations, engaging and memorable video content, as well as learning through play solutions. We have great confidence that what we are offering is fresh, fun and that it will deliver lasting training benefits to salon professionals. 

These benefits are delivered through four key differentiators that our training offers: the content and application has been designed specifically for salons located in the GCC region; the training is delivered in person in your own salon space; as the first of its kind in the region, our training programmes incorporate education through play; and the results and impact of the training are easy to measure. This is what we call the VRBC difference.

Bespoke solution

With twenty years’ experience in setting up, managing, as well as consulting with leading salon brands across the GCC, our founder Valerie Reynaert, identified that there was an opportunity to enhance effective training delivery in the industry. This was evident in not only service delivery, but also business performance and staff retention trends seen across the industry.

Designed in collaboration with a European-based training facilitator to develop training courses and initiatives, specific to the Middle East, our programmes address key areas where maximum impact can be made. 

Delivered by our Training and Development Manager, Chanté Jacobs, a highly experienced beauty industry trainer, the programme includes instructor guided sessions, presentations that are clear and easy to follow, engaging video content, role play exercises and board games. In addition, learning materials will be distributed for revision and reinforcement.

As Valerie and Chanté have been hands-on in the industry for many years, they understand what salons need for success and they are in the unique position to offer and deliver training that provides maximum benefit.

Convenience and personalisation

Oftentimes, training is not a priority because salon owners see this as a loss of working hours which they believe will have a negative impact on their clients and their bottom line. Nothing could be further from the truth, as training is key to happy clients and growing sales. And we bring this all to your doorstep. 

Another benefit of delivering training on site, is that it allows Chanté to adjust her methods dynamically, and to make her teaching relevant to your salon layout, staff count, and specific services offered, making training more effective and also memorable.

Games, fun and laughter leads to deeper learning

Drawing inspiration from different popular board games, our training games have been adapted to help teach key lessons in the client journey. By harnessing the value of play, our programmes remove barriers, allowing deep learning to take place.

Each board game teaches specific lessons for the salon and beauty industry.  Lessons that will help salons operate more efficiently and profitably and in so doing, enhance the service levels of our industry across the region.

VRBC training also incorporates animated videos to showcase best practices. When training is delivered in this way, learning is entertaining as well as educational. Where people are engaged, lasting learning happens.

A measurable return on your investment

The focus of our training and development programmes is centered around three major areas of impact – the Client Journey, which encompasses the experience you create for your customers from the very first phone call all the way to the conclusion of the service, through to selling skills, which encompasses training your staff on how to improve retail sales of products in the salon;  and lastly handling customer complaints, a key skill which is of vital importance to the success of your salon.

As a result of our trainings being performance focused, the financial and commercial benefits will be tangible, you will be able to see a measurable ROI in turnover, customer satisfaction and retention. 

Impact area 1 – The Client Journey

Clients will remember not only the services that you delivered but also how you made them feel when they were in your salon.  The Client Journey training programme will teach your staff how to deliver outstanding customer service in all areas of your business, and how to establish and develop the best standards in the key areas of health and safety, appointment booking, welcoming standards, nail and hair services, the treatment room and when the client leaves the salon.  You want your clients to feel like esteemed guests throughout their time with you.

Impact area 2 – Learning Selling Skills

Do you know that a healthy salon business generates around 30% of their total revenue through retail sales? That’s revenue in addition to the services already rendered. Our training in Selling Skills is about developing effective selling skills that will build loyalty and trust, create long term impact and enhance your brand’s reputation. Topics included in the training program include types of clients, the selling process, upselling and cross-selling, selling on the telephone, and closing the sale.

Impact area 3 – Customer Complaints Handling 

The number of complaints is on the rise, worldwide, as clients have easy access to platforms such as social media and online reviews, and they are quick to use it to share a bad experience or poor service. The ineffective handling of complaints can result in an estimated 5-15% reduction in revenues, with a corresponding reduction in profits. When a business does not welcome complaints, it can result in a significant hidden cost. Our Handling Customer Complaints training programme provides your salon staff with the necessary tools and tactics to turn complaints into opportunities.

The VRBC training programmes are a powerhouse that will positively impact your business, your staff, your clients and your bottom line. If you would like to find out more about our training programs or for any booking enquiries, please email us as