Do you want to open your own salon? 5 questions to ask yourself…

You may be contemplating the idea of opening your own salon business in the UAE, and why not? Although, from my experience things can easily start derailing if your priorities are not in order. With 20 years of industry experience and helping brands and individuals set up their own salons, the five questions below are a great starting point to ask yourself before opening your doors for business.

Why do I want to start a salon business? Sounds obvious, but every business owner needs to have a mission – what is the purpose of you starting your company and what problem are you solving for people. Envisioning how you see your salon and how it operates is key to success. This stage is where you establish your business values, what is important to you and how you would like your customers and competitors to view your salon and the way in which it is run.

What is my USP? Knowing your unique selling point is imperative and especially in the GCC region. With the level of competition and the sheer amount of beauty salons that consumers have access to, knowing what makes you different, special and what sets you apart from the rest is key. Is it the quality of your services? Is it customer service, or unique product offerings? Is it the design and interiors of your salon or is it all of them combined?

Who is my target audience? Who is going to buy your product or use your services? Your target demographic needs to be established right from the start and let me tell you that it should not be ‘everyone’. In the salon industry, most of your income, if not all, will be generated from women. Questions like “What type of women will use my salon?” and “Where are these women based?” should be on your radar. Once this is known, the location of the salon can be determined which ultimately will help in the success of your salon.

Do I have the funds to start this business? This question is probably the scariest of them all but one that requires much research and forward planning. Creating a Feasibility Study is key to knowing what the initial required capital is to set up your business, and what cashflow and profit/loss to expect in the first year. This process is crucial before you start the entire business setup as there is nothing worse than running out of money before the business even had the chance to succeed.

How will I market my business? Marketing your business is obviously so important but may not work if the incorrect channels are used. Once the target market is determined, it then becomes a lot easier to decide which channel of marketing would best suit your business. Is it Instagram, Facebook and TikTok? Or is it PR and marketing where an agency or freelancer can help you establish your broadcasting, print and online presence? Let’s also not forget the importance of good old-fashioned word of mouth marketing. In the salon and beauty industry, this is still the most powerful form of marketing but only works if the quality of your business is top notch, which would then naturally encourage and inspire clients to speak highly of your salon.

Asking yourselves these five basic questions, right at the start of your journey, may not guarantee the opening of a successful and flourishing salon business, but it will ensure you start your exciting new business venture on the right foot!