I feel so blessed to have met Laura.

My second project in Peru was as a volunteer with Corazón, a wonderful project in the Saylla district on the outskirts of Cusco. I feel so blessed to have met Laura. Laura founded the afterschool program for children ten years ago, at the age of 62. She started the program because many of the children’s parents work long hours and the kids are left without supervision. As Laura says, these kids are the future of Peru, so we need to support them and keep them off the streets. She gets little support from the government, so everything is funded by herself and the support she gets from organizations such as Maximo Nivel Peru.

There are currently 57 children aged 5 to 13 years enrolled in the program, so the support from volunteers is vital. Each day typically begins with the kids doing their homework. In the picture, I am helping the boy do his English homework. I have never encountered a kid that was so happy doing homework! He loved the help and support. He showed his gratitude with the biggest smiles and it was so heartwarming! After homework, there was one hour allocated to reading, to improve their skills. After homework and reading, it was play time.

I truly fell in love with this project. It has so much meaning to it. Keeping children off the streets and investing the time to enhance their skills and knowledge is of such great importance. It all translates in building a better and safer world.

The world really needs more people like Laura.