It’s no secret that starting your own salon business can be difficult and expensive, especially if you aren’t sure where to start or you don’t have experience and know-how on your side. If this sounds familiar, don’t worry. I’m here to help.

I’ve had extensive experience at every level of the salon business—from the shop floor all the way to the position of managing director—and I can guide you through the branding, marketing, and opening processes, as well as teach you what it takes to run a salon, from budgets to P&Ls, and even multiple franchises in the distant future.

When you work with me, you gain invaluable start-up support that carries you through the launch… and beyond!

Before opening

  • Concept creation

Every salon needs to design their branding around a concept for success. I will analyze your strengths to determine your highest areas of opportunity and how to build your unique competitive advantage into the DNA of your brand.

  • Market research and location analysis

Location is one of the most significant factors of success. It is vitally important to understand where your salon concept will flourish, finding the perfect space for it to grow, and analyzing the benefits of your location before building.

  • Competitor analysis

By leveraging my extensive branding experience, I can find your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses and work around them. This will help to create a shortcut in the process so that you achieve success from the very beginning instead of having to find your way through a crowded marketplace.

  • Legislation

Navigating Municipality rules can be challenging, but I am here to make sure you are up-to-date and that all regulations are met from the initial process of building your salon all the way through to day-to-day operations when it’s up and running. My goal here is to relieve one more stress factor from the salon manager.

  • Space and functionality planning

Now that you’ve decided on a possible location, it’s time to plan the space and make sure it has everything you need to make your salon a success. This is the "behind the scenes" work that is critical to your salon’s success.

  • Feasibility study

Before investing hundreds of thousands or more into your new salon, it’s extremely wise to have an expert take you through the feasibility process: a total rundown of the viability of your salon.

  • Store design

This is where everything comes together in terms of bringing your vision to life. You’ve dreamed about how your salon will look for years and now you get to design it and see it begin to take shape right before your eyes. To do this, I will help you find the perfect partner to make sure the final result is exactly what you imagined it to be.

  • Equipment and operational supplies

Any salon is as good as its equipment. Knowing the salon business inside and out, from the perspective of a beauty therapist, I can tell you exactly which machines are worth the money and which ones simply aren’t.

  • Selection of brands/products

Selecting brands and products to carry is not an easy decision. While you may be tempted to pick your favorites, you’ll also want to ensure they are in line with your target market, your unique positioning, and competitive landscape.

  • Creation of menu and treatments

Creating a menu is exciting and fun; I also need to ensure that everything from the names of treatments to the details of each one fits your brand and is designed to create success and repeat business.

  • Collaterals

Collaterals include all of your marketing materials: brochures, product and treatment data sheets, promotions, direct mail pieces, loyalty programs, emails, web content, sales scripts, and demonstration scripts for selling your treatments. In other words, everything that makes your business "tick!"

  • HR: Recruitment, salary brackets, commission structures, job descriptions, key performance indicators, uniforms, etc.

Now that you’ve spent all this time and money preparing your salon, you need to create a "buzz" to attract local talented beauty therapists who will do a fantastic job.

  • Team training

After putting together your "dream team", it’s time to electrify the energy in your salon and get down to business, teaching them everything they need to know to deliver your vision and thrill your customers during your grand opening and beyond! This is an ongoing process.

  • Standard operating procedures

Finally, you’ll have to acquire the skills of running a salon day-to-day: communication standards, training procedures, and quality control. Having run salons in the past, I can help you master all of these skills.

After Opening

  • Monthly financial reviews

If done correctly, regular financial reviews can prevent a lot of wasted resources. Find out exactly where you are spending too much, which marketing strategies are working (and which ones aren’t), and leverage my experience to plan your next approach.

  • Operational, marketing, and HR support

I want to help you overcome any challenges between you and success. Whether the bottleneck is in marketing, HR, or operations, I can help you accelerate beyond your obstacles and back to success!

  • Mystery shopping

Quality control is sometimes not possible without detailed insider information. Mystery shoppers can give you the kind of experience your customers are getting, so you can reward your team and keep service value high.